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Friday, July 30, 2010

When the Wheels Fell Off - Flash 55

It's that time again for G-Man's Flash 55 Challenge.  Write a story, idea or prose  in exactly 55 words.  Mine is below, and you can check out the other great posts by visiting his site, Mr Know it all.  The blog adresses are in the comments.

Driving 80 MPH down a freeway in Utah in a snow storm, I was planning my death. Pills, or a car crash were appealing, but I was not alone in the car, and I refused to take the people I loved with me. As long as I was dead by morning, I could wait awhile longer.


  1. dang...are we going to get more on this..what drives one to that point...and can they turn the car around before its too late...i hope so.. smiles.

  2. I agree with Brian. Give us more! You hooked me right away. Drive safe!

  3. glad you waited a bit longer - and hope you change your mind..

  4. No! Don't do it!

    Regardless of my sentiments on the selfishness of suicide, this was very well done!

  5. Great lead in to a longer story. Any more coming?

    I’m up here.

  6. daring 55,
    love the fact that you are still alive and share your ideas with this lovely 55.