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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Pit

I can do this

I’m a strong person

I have a will don’t I?

This isn’t so hard

What’s one mistake?

I do so many things well

I will not measure myself by a Hollywood standard

I could do more

I should be more

Where did the hopefulness go?

I’m exhausted

Trying takes too much effort

I have to rest, to think, to dream

My bed is cozy and forgiving

A haven in a world that’s cold and critical

No use in getting up just yet.

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  1. I love the surprise ending! I think we all have mornings that begin like this.

  2. Agree with PJ - mornings are often like that especially on cold winter days!

    Have enjoyed my visit here today,

    PS Mine this week is HERE. Do hope you've the time to join me.

  3. I agree with PJ too. Some days are just like that!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's little musician

  4. Hey, I can lend you a ladder! LOL. I posted about similar feelings earlier this week. The pit sure sucks, doesn't it?

  5. Great post. I have similar days and sometimes it's just good to go with it until it passes.

  6. REally super post! what a twist!

  7. Great Alphabe post! It sounds so familiar.

  8. Get out of bed Cee...the world needs you...you are the best becoming better each day...Wake up, smell the fresh air and say....Yes....lol...bkm

  9. So easy to relate to these words and feelings.

  10. I never have a day I want to stay in bed but some days I certainly want to return to it.

  11. Most of us have been there at one time or another...


  12. I think anyone can relate & that's why there's such thing as sleeping-in

  13. I felt that way this morning....then I remembered that I was in the mountains on vacation....teehee. Nice poem.

  14. oh i can relate to that so well! wonderful poem!

  15. I dont even find my bed a comfort sometimes.

  16. Yes, I feel that way sometimes too. Just as long as it isn't every day tings will be OK.

  17. This was a wonderful addition to our Alphabet Soup this week.

    I really enjoy your style of writing. It has such depth and the twist at the end was excellent!

    Thank you for linking!


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    two awards for you to share with your poetry friends or blogging friends.
    Happy Saturday!